Mentorship Evaluations

Rick Rupan and Student 1

Welcome to the Mentoring Improvement page of our website.  You are here because you want to help the school be better at mentoring young scientists.  Below this text is a link to a google form about mentoring.  You can only access this form if you have a UW netID.

The form is for helping the school understand how we mentor; what we do well, how we could improve. The data you enter into the form will be aggregated and viewed from a school-wide perspective to see how mentors in the school are doing overall.  The school will use the data to inform us of group activities or trainings we might take in order to improve our overall mentoring.

In the future, when the form has been filled out many many times, we will have enough data for individuals that we can make specific suggestions to them for improvment.  Right now (2023, 2024) we are collecting information for aggregated use.

This is NOT the form to use if you have a specific problem with your advisor and you want help from the School or the UW.  For that, visit our Conflict Resolution page for guidance, or reach out directly to the student services coordinator (Michelle) or to the director.

When should you fill out the form?  Any time, but here are two specific times:

  • Twice a year (late spring, late fall) after you've had your semi-annual committee meeting.
  • When something good or bad happens and you want that recorded.  Let us know the good and the bad.

Ready to fill out the survey?  Click here.

What's in the survey?

  • Name of the person you are commenting on, and their role in your scientific development (3 questions)
  • Scientific advising (3 questions and space to write comments)
  • Scientific writing (2 questions and space to comment)
  • Coursework and logistics of being a student including work-life balance (5 questions and space to comment)

Your name will be recorded via use of your UW netID.