Onboarding for Graduate Students

Graduate Student 2023 Awardees

We are so excited you've decided to join our community!

Before you Arrive

Accepting Admission 
Once you are ready to make your decision about the UW School of Oceanography, simply return to the online Application for Admission, log in with your e-mail address and password, and indicate your decision.   Note that you must also have your student UWNetID set up.  At that point, you must also pay your $250 deposit.   Once you accept the offer of admission, you will immediately see information about next steps, including how to send official transcripts to the Graduate School, as well as document immunizations. International students will find information about how to request a visa application and upload financial documents.

Enrollment Confirmation 
Once you accept the offer and pay the enrollment deposit, you have successfully confirmed enrollment.  There is no physical packet that is mailed.

International Students
All international students need to work with our Internationatl Student Services Office to make sure they have all the documentation ready.  There are many resources here

Campus Resources
Whether you're looking for assistance, require support, or just want to know what is available to you on your campus, you can find resources here

Your Office
Offices for graduate students are coordinated annually.  We will send you this information before you arrive. 

Once you've Arrived

Computing and Printing

  • Contact your faculty advisor for new or different office computers and accessories
  • For help connecting to printers, go to the eSITS printer help page.
  • Need technical assistance? eSITS can help

Office Key
Arrange a time with Bill Nitsche to pick up your office key (and building key for MSB and OTB).

Key Card
Email Monica Cohn to get building access to OCN.

Your Profile Page on our website
Michelle Townsend will set up your profile page.  You can upload your profile picture by following these instructions:

  • On your profile page, click the Files tab: https://www.ocean.washington.edu/userAdmin/edit/18311?tab=files
  • Click the blue "Add A New File" button. 
  • Give your image a title and description and make sure to select ‘Image’ for the file type and upload it. 
  • After you are redirected back to your profile page, click the 'Set as Portrait' button under the image icon.  

We will help you with selection of classes and registration once you arrive on campus.  Registration Instructions, Dates and Deadlines can be found here

Our First Years generally register for:

  • OCEAN 510 (3)
  • OCEAN 511 (4)  +  possible AMATH course for Physical Oceanographers
  • OCEAN 520 (3)
  • OCEAN 500 (2)
  • OCEAN 509 (1)
  • OCEAN 600 (variable)

Training and Orientation

  • Orientation (Oceanography)
    • More information will be sent via email, but this usually occurs in person the Friday morning, before Autumn Quarter starts. 
  • Orientation (College of the Environment)
    • More information will be sent via email, but this usually occurs in person the Friday afternoon, before Autumn Quarter starts. 
  • Orientation (UW Grad School)
    • University 501 (U501) is a self-guided, online resource designed for graduate and professional students at all three campuses and is intended to help prepare you for your arrival to and start at the University of Washington.
  • Lab Safety Training
    • The Laboratory Safety program oversees safety and compliance in all UW research and teaching laboratory spaces to reduce the risk of injury and exposure, decrease the risk of property loss, lessen the likelihood of lost research, and minimize environmental damage.
  • TA Training
    • You will do this the quarter you are TA-ing as a 1 credit seminar, C ENV 555?
  • First Aid Training
    • This is something you do your second year in conjuction with your TA Training.  We will contact you when it's time to sign up. 

Health/Dental Insurance
The UW provides health insurance (including vision and dental) for students.  They also pay for half of the coverage for dependents.  Coverage begins in Summer Quarter on July 1st; in Autumn on October 1st.  If you would like more details on the program and/or it's coverage, please consult GAIP's webpage. 




We are so excited you've decided to join our community!

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