R/V Clifford A Barnes

Barnes Image

The R/V Clifford A. Barnes has officially retired from the School of Oceanography after 34 years of service in marine research.  The Barnes has been replaced by the R/V Rachel Carson.  For information about purchasing the Clifford Barnes please contact the Manager of Marine Operations

R/V Clifford A. Barnes began life as USCGC Bitt WYTL 65613. She was built in 1965 at Western boat in Tacoma Washington. There were 15 of her class built, most of the class remained in Coast Guard service until 1995. The class's major missions were: Ice Ops, Search/Rescue and Pollution Response. Bitt's first duty station was Bellingham, WA. Her last duty station was Valdez, AK. She was decommissioned in 1982 and surplused to the National Science Foundation.


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