Rick Keil appointed director of School of Oceanography

Rick Keil with Interns and Rosette

Beginning July 1, UW Environment’s School of Oceanography will have a new director. Professor Rick Keil has agreed to serve a five-year term where he will lead faculty, staff and students studying biological, chemical and physical oceanography, as well as marine geology and geophysics. Keil has been serving as the director of the Program on the Environment and has proven to be an effective and collaborative leader.

The School of Oceanography focuses on advancing the ocean sciences, providing solutions to problems of societal relevance, and elevating public awareness of the marine environment. It is at the forefront of creating knowledge and understanding about the ocean through observation, theory, modeling and technological innovation. The School of Oceanography focuses on learning and discovery, equipping students with knowledge and insights, scholarly methods, scientific tools and communication skills.

Keil’s own interests lie in applying organic geochemistry to address big environmental issues that we face, like climate change. In addition, he coordinates various field experiences and citizen science projects like Ocean Intern and started Sound Citizen with Washington Sea Grant.

Keil will take the helm from Ginger Armbrust, a passionate advocate for the school who oversaw a strong and steady increase in undergraduate enrollment and cutting-edge innovation in the curriculum. She also provides leadership in UW’s eScience community, elevating the awareness of the rich opportunities for ocean sciences in this emerging arena.